Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tut Tut!

It's a record! We actually finished a chapter book in three sittings! Those three sittings did take about a week to accomplish, but I was pretty proud of us. They loved hearing about the Time Warp Trio characters that they know and love so well from the Discovery Kids' show. Some may say that tv is bad, but tv is definitely my friend and I am not ashamed to admit it.

So anyway, Monday we had a very productive school day. Cameron did Phonics (words ending in -ing); Grammar (review); Spelling (words with the "ow" sound); started his new math book with some algebraic type addition and subtraction problems (__ + 24 = 35); and then we read about Thutmose I, Hatshepsut, Amenhotep, and King Tut for History. It was fabulous that the TWT book tied in so nicely with our History reading. It was almost like I planned it. The truth is that we were at the library and I suddenly thought to myself, "Oh, I wonder if Time Warp Trio has an Egypt book?" and they just happened to have it in our library and it just happened to be about Hatshepsut and Thutmose III. Happy coincidences are also my friends. The kids were really intrigued by the story of Howard Carter's discovery of Tut's tomb so I brought out this neat book I have called, Into the Mummy's Tomb. (Thank you, Aunt P!) I actually have two copies of it so both Cameron and Cassia were able to flip through their own copies looking at the real life treasures of King Tut. Cameron especially liked the photographs that Carter's expedition made... the discovery of the staircase, the first lamps in the dark, the unwrapping of the mummy! Very exciting stuff! I love when History is exciting. :)

Today was mostly taken up by 4-H. It was the monthly business meeting, or The Boring Meeting as we lovingly call it. ;) Nothing too exciting there except for Greyson repeatedly running out the front door or screaming if I prevented him from doing so. *roll eyes* The Community Service Project for the month was bagging up Valentine's cookies for the underprivileged. The bonus of that one is that you bring three dozen cookies to donate but get to take home a dozen mixed cookies for yourself. The dark side of that is that you get to bring home a dozen cookies. Need I say that several children were sent to bed early tonight??

After that we had to go to gymnastics for a make-up Star Day for Cameron. You have to earn stars to advance through the classes. There are 4 levels in each class and 10 skills in each level. You have to get stars on 8 of 10 skills to move up a level. Cameron is working on level two and was really disappointed that he only earned one star tonight. Maybe I should start taking him to the open gym sessions on Saturdays so that he can practice more. I hate seeing him try hard and be disappointed like that. Of course, it's way better than seeing him goofing off and not caring either way, but it still bruises a Mommy's heart to see. Anyway, that got us home in time for dinner and the rest of Tut, Tut! before bed. I was really hoping to get a bunch of stuff done tomorrow but we have a doctor's appointment for Greyson first thing in the morning followed by a playdate in a far off town. We should get home by 2pm, but who knows if anyone will be in the mood for schoolwork then.

My laundry is calling. Talk at you later. :)


Pixilated Mum said...

The Time Warp Trio is our friend. We loooooooooooooove the books, the show, etc. Essie even has a shirt like Samantha that my mother made for her birthday last year. LOL

You've stayed a while with Ancient Egypt, haven't you? (I mean in a good way.) There's so much there! We found ourselves doing the same thing. Instead of just blowing by Egypt in the SOTW, we spent a lot of time with it. There's so much there. And I personally think Hatshepsut is so fascinating. There's a historical fiction book about her (for adults) that I read around that time, and I was just hooked. She has some ... brass ... to declare herself king. Awesome.

Your service project sounds sweet. A dozen cookies at home? Sounds like a recipe for a hyper household. LOL

Glad to see everyone's feeling better, by the way!

Jenny said...

Well, we've been slow to go through History, that's true, but this is actually our second trip to Egypt this year. We took a brief break to travel to Babylon and Western Africa, but now we're back in Egypt and suddenly History isn't as boring, lol. Next is the Israelites/Moses, then the Phoenicians. I guess we are about ten chapters behind where we "should" be if we were going to finish SOTW in a year. But I already decided a few months back that there was NO way that was going to happen. We're on the five-year history plan now.

Vanessa said...

G loves the Time Warp Trio -- we haven't seen it on TV in ages because we don't get Discovery Kids anymore, but she's got several of the books, including Tut, Tut.