Thursday, February 14, 2008

Water, water everywhere!

Wednesday was supposed to be our catch up day, but we went to the park instead. Guess what that meant... yep, no schoolwork! Oh well. We did start out the day with a scientific field trip though. We went to the pediatrician's to get Greyson the booster for his flu shot. I am more and more impressed with this doctor. I was just expecting this to just be a nurse appointment - wham, bam, thank you ma'am - but we were scheduled for a full appointment. She knew we didn't have anything specific to see her about, since he just had a check-up last month, but she checked his ears, chest, and throat to make sure his cold was going away the way it should. She checked out a few of his scrapes (he has so many, lol) to see if they were healing ok. She cleaned some gunk out of his ears. I mentioned that I was still concerned with his digestive system because even cutting out all dairy does not seem to have totally solved his "issues" so she is referring us to a GI specialist. All in all, it was thorough, friendly care. I like that. The front desk lady is a bit of a dingbat, lol, but I don't care.

So then we met a friend at the park to get back our Grammar book that they borrowed. They forgot it, lol, but we had a great time anyway. After that we came home and napped. ;)

Today we started the day with Cassia's ballet class. We got a notice about the annual show. Can you say "awwwww!" It's not till June, but I'm so excited I can barely stand it, lol. I would love to invite you all, but we only get 6 tickets total and our immediate family will take up most of those, lol. Maybe I'll actually figure out how to You-Tube a portion of it or something.

After that we went out to a Valentine's Day brunch. Nothing says love like strawberry pancakes that you don't have to clean up after! I'm also making salmon for dinner. That's pink. Don't tell me I didn't make an effort this holiday. ;)

I finally convinced Cameron to do schoolwork at around 2:00. We did Phonics (can I say again how impressed I am with his reading now?), Spelling, Math (adding/subtracting to 100, as in ___ + 67 = 100), and then Science which brings me to the day's title. Our topic was... the water cycle! We read the text book stuff on the states of water last time we did Science (gosh, I think that was last week!) and so today we read a bunch of library books on the topic. By the third book, when the author was asking those rhetorical questions like, "Did you know that the same water that you drink used to be a part of the ocean?" they were both saying, "yes, yes, we know!" LOL, I guess I can't complain about them not listening when I read aloud. We didn't do Grammar today because we don't have our book. And then I took a nap. And that was our exciting Wed/Thurs. Thank for stopping by. :)

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Meesh said...

ok so what kind of GI issue does Greyson have? Have I totally missed posts about this? You know that GI (albeit adult) is Ben's cup of tea? You know my two youngers have a lesser known intolerances right? Evan seems to be out growing it and Olivia- well I've just not even really tried stuff out on her fearing that I'll cause her pain. But with Evan's growing ability to eat fruits that were once forbidden (we have yet to let him try a whole apple or pear- but he's had bits and has no problems YAY!) I have high hopes that one day our house will be abundant with a larger variety of fruits.

So what I'm basically saying is that if you end up with any questions that you'd like further explained we are a wealth of info here at your disposal.

As for You Tube - easy peasy you have no excuse- and um isn't your man a computer geek, I mean, really good at computers and such?