Thursday, December 06, 2007

Another rainy day of course I just want to lay around all day again. ;) But we were out of bread, yogurt, and apples and we cannot last more than a day without serious withdrawals from those things so we had to venture out in the rain to the grocery store. The kids were splashing around in the puddles and saying that everything was flooded. I took that to be a teaching moment and started to describe what has been going on in Oregon lately. They were suitably impressed. As soon as we got home, they rushed out into the backyard and started playing Flood. They would paddle their pretend boats around the backyard inspecting the damage and then say, "Look out for the flood" and then run for the back door while holding their breath. It was kind of funny and really cute - I'm not sure if the Oregonians would think so though. (Which reminds me that I should email a few people.)

So aside from that meteorological lesson today, Cameron finished off both the Spelling Time and Spelling Workout lessons for the week - acing both. He also played some more math games on Funschool while I folded laundry and I thought he would protest when I brought out the math book later but he didn't. In fact, he did a Review Exercise and then even though I said we could quit, he wanted to move on to the next section in the book! So I introduced the three times table and he did TWO exercises on that! We also did phonics (words that go from /är/ in car to /âr/ in hair with the addition of a silent e) and Grammar (more action verbs). For Science we read about liquids and gases and whether or not they have definite volumes. We did one "activity" and were about to do another when Cassia suddenly decided to go into their bedroom and get her swimsuit... which, of course, woke Greyson up. He wasn't too thrilled to be awake either but wasn't about to go back to sleep. So that was it for Science. I still have absolutely no idea why she felt the need to go get her swimsuit at that moment. She never even did anything with it except parade it around on her head for about 10 seconds.

We also managed to get another two chapters of Chamber of Secrets in today. I was actually quite surprised because Greyson was screeching and howling so loudly most of the time that I could barely hear myself read. I kept stopping thinking the whole thing was pointless in that situation but Cameron kept begging me to continue. He said he could hear me just fine even though I couldn't even hear myself, lol. I'm sure there's a lesson in there somewhere...

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