Friday, June 08, 2007

We're Back!!!

We're back and I am so far behind on everything. Phew!

Let me just say that we had a fabulous time. We did some shopping, some sight seeing, some visiting. We saw the Workman-Temple Homestead. We visited The Pixilated Palace. We stopped off at DH's aunt's house and picked up three boxes of books and other random materials about Ancient Greece, Ancient China, and Ancient Rome. She still has Ancient Egypt at school but promised to bring that home for me to take when we're there for the 4th of July. She also gave me a math unit study based on Gulliver's Travels, as many sets as I wanted (so far just one, lol) of Algeblocks, and a box full of cassettes (books on tape, multiplication table raps, etc). Have I mentioned how fabulous it is having a relative who teaches a GATE 4th/5th/6th class that is retiring next year??

We finally arrived home about 9pm on Wednesday. Thursday we went to a birthday party for Cameron's friend S5, now S6. That officially marks one year that we've been friends with them. We had a playdate with them once long ago but since I was pregnant with Greyson at the time (and we all know how flakey that makes one), we didn't see them again until S's 5th birthday party. We didn't know a soul there that time. MomJ and I were both struggling with finding compatible friends at that point. This year I knew about three-quarters of the guests from other homeschool functions. Funny how MomJ and I ended up friends with the same people even though we have been going to completely different homeschool events.

It was a great party. There was a swimming pool and a snake handler and cake. Unfortunately, we had to leave a bit early to make it in time to Cameron's last t-ball game. We still ended up about 10 minutes late but DH, who had arrived there on time, said that he hadn't missed a thing. Our team was first up and Cameron turn hadn't come up to bat yet. We arrived just as they were going out into the field. Tuesday we're having the end of season pizza party which should be a great end to a really fun, but short, season.

Friday we were supposed to go to Preschool Park Day, but had to ditch it because tonight is Family Night for 4-H. Family Night is a big potluck extravaganza with a silent auction and presentations and the works to show off our accomplishments to all of our friends and family. I have a couple quiches to make so there was no way I could get that done and go to the park without making myself absolutely insane, lol. Speaking of which, I should get busy. ;)

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Pixilated Mum said...

Wow, an actual schoolroom? Check you out. You are SOOOOO going to have to post pictures once everything is all nice and done up. As you know, we're all about the long dining room table and cabinets. LOL I'd love a separate schoolroom, but right now, it's the Dollhouse/Little People Room. LOL Oh, and Sebastian's room.

$14???????????????????????? WOW. I cannot believe how much stuff you got. And I've got MSB envy. Yep, Magic School Bus envy. LOL

I'm glad Cam's liking the Wookie book because I'm your annoying friend who keeps telling you to get stuff he'd like and spreading it out everywhere. Sort of like mines. But with books. Miguel's books also have some words that are so NOT going to be sounded out. I just say the word and tell Miguel, "It's a sight one" and he barrels on through the story. Sometimes, he remembers it. Sometimes, not.

So are you going to be starting school soon like you planned? Or are you wrapping up? LOL I'm serious, though. We're year-rounding it, and we just started on Monday, so I am ALL confused about everyone else's schedules. LOL