Saturday, June 23, 2007

Happy Summer!

Cameron woke up on the first day of summer and yelled, "Cassie! Cassie! It's summer! It's the longest day EVER. We have SO MUCH TIME to play today!" LOL. I guess I forgot to tell them that even though the sun is up longer, their bedtime doesn't change. ;)

Thursday was another day at camp. We dropped Cameron off 10:00 and then had to rush back here to get Cassia to the 11:00 gymnastics class. While there, I moved them both up into the next level of classes for next session. Cassia was so proud of her new red leotard. Cameron is finally in boy/girl segregated classes. I was able to get them in back-to-back classes again, but what I didn't even realize until later is that I signed them up for classes on the day that DH works from home. Hopefully then, I'll be able to get Greyson take a nap during that time and I can leave him at home. Man, that would be great. After gymnastics, we came home for some lunch and then went back to pick Cam up. We had to get there right at 2:00, or even a little before, so that we could get him back (just a little bit late) for a 2:30 gymnastics class.

We get there right on time and walk over to the main area... and there is no one to be found. No one, that is, except another mom looking for her little girl. A minute later, the co-teacher comes running out of the main house to tell us that the group had gone on a little hike and had gone a little farther than they meant to and would be back in 10 minutes. One by one, the moms showed up and were all quite annoyed but I figured it was just payback for me being half an hour late the day before! By the time everyone got back and got situated it was already 2:30. So much for gymnastics! He probably would've been too tired anyway but funny how the one day we needed to leave right at 2:00, they were late. So we just came home and did laundry instead.

Friday was the last day of camp. Thank goodness! Phew, it was tiring. We dropped Cam off and then went to MomK and L4's house. The girls played horses for a while and Greyson played with older sister's pet rats. I know, several of you just got the heebie jeebies but they are the sweetest things! They were nuzzling up to him and licking his fingers. Really sweet animals, honestly. An hour or so later, we all packed up and headed off to the park for Preschool Park Day. Everyone ran off in separate directions and there I was, left to miss my first baby. It really was the first time that we hadn't been rushing around or busy doing something "different" without him. We were doing a routine thing with part of our routine missing. So all I could do was sit there and watch the clock, hoping that MomS and T6 would hurry up and join us with my boy.

When they finally showed up, Cameron and T6 looked like they had been playing in a volcano! They were covered, head to toe, in black dirt. There were even deliberate smears of dirt on their cheeks - I think they were doing face painting on each other, lol. Turned out that the theme of the day was "fire" and the boys had indeed been playing in the ash after class. They then ran off to play with everyone else and MomS and I sat around and talked about how glad we were that the week was over and how thankful we were that we didn't have to do the "school thing" every day, lol. Homeschoolers are homebodies! At least, we don't like to have to be so strictly scheduled. MomS, who is friends with the co-teacher, said that they wanted to only do it MWF, but since it was open to all kids - not just homeschoolers - that it had to be M - F. School kids need daycare.

Maria and G, I promise I will give you a better synopsis of the Unschooler's Potluck next week. Today, I have no time because I must get ready for my mother's wedding! Yes, my mom is getting married again after being pretty much alone for the last 33 or so years. She is giddy and excited and we are all very happy for her. Who would've thought she'd be a June Bride in her 70th year, lol. So I'll leave you with thoughts of wedding cakes and flower girls. I promise to take pictures. Maybe I'll even share them too. ;)


Meesh said...

Yay for summer! It has been just glorious here- we've played on slip and slides, gone to the beach and done a few other things. I plan on blogging soon- maybe even tomorrow- we've had a few action packed days here.

Mainly I'm commenting because I want to say- Rats are the Best Pets! I had two in college. One was a rescue from the Humane Society, the other I think I bought at a pet store. The first was called Peanut Butter, the second- would you ever have guessed? Jelly. Yeah I'm a dork, always have been.

I LOVED Peanut Butter- she was the Sweetest Thing Ever. I could let her out in my room and she'd scurry off and hide, but came running out quick if I would shake her food can. She loved to be held and never once bit me. I was devastated when she developed a tumor behind her eye. I made my sister take her to the vet to be put down- I just couldn't do it. The vet was really sweet too, they sent me a condolence card and everything! Jelly was cute, but a scaredy cat. (I had these two at two separate times) But she was so sweet and like to be held, but she never came running. She died of pneumonia. I probably shouldn't have driven her to Colorado in January in a car with no heater. Poor little thing. I keep trying to convince Ben that we should get a rodent of some sort to complete our fur family. So far he's not into it. Eventually.

Jenny said...

The two we visited were Thimble and ... um, the parakeet was Jake... um, rats ;) I can't remember. They were sweet though.

~Mary~ 4boys4me said...

Congratulations to your Mom!! How exciting for the whole family. :)

I've also got to say a great big EWWWW for the rats. I like some rodents but those with big long naked tails just give me the heebies jeebies. {shudder}

Pixilated Mum said...

Congrats to your mom. I'm glad it wasn't on Father's Day. ;-)

And, uhm, Meesh's story is heart-warming (really, it's a cute story, Meesh), but I am way heebie-jeebied on rats. Or anything small and furry. The whole duck thing was just a huge, huge step for me, ya know? And ducks are cute. LOL