Thursday, June 28, 2007

Spreading the Word

Remember that lady I was talking to a couple months ago who was asking all sorts of odd questions about homeschooling? Like, when do you plan on integrating them back into the system? You know, the one who was thrilled with her son's new school because it had round buildings, lol. Well, I was talking to her again today. He son is due to start Kindergarten in three weeks and she's getting nervous. She doesn't want to have to get up early every day - I can relate! Secondly, she's getting nervous about the whole school system in general and started right up asking me about the particulars of homeschooling. What time of day do we do work? How much do we do? What guidelines do we follow? I answered her questions honestly and enthusiastically, stressing that it is exactly what you make it and finally said, "You know, we meet at XYZ Park on Wednesdays from 1 to 4. You should drop by and chat sometime." She laughed at me for trying to recruit her but I have a feeling that she will come.

It was just funny, the more I talked to her the more I saw how very alike we were. We had the same background, the same ideals, the same eating habits, the same fears and disappointments about the school system. She really should be homeschooling, lol. The only difference is that I've always been keen to buck the system and she's afraid to stray from the norm. Anyway, I just suggested that she come by to reassure herself that there are options if things don't work out at the new school... and that we homeschoolers are not all stark raving lunatics. ;) It's funny though how she struck me as such a spaz when we first met, but once I got past my first impressions and got to know her as a person I found that we are very much the same. It's so hard not to make judgments. Shame on me.


Pixilated Mum said...

Good for her for being open to discussing this and even branching out from the "norm." And how cool of you to be open to discussing it.

It can be hard to label. I hate labels even though I know I do it, too. So wrong, but it's awesome that you can realize it was the wrong label.

Hey, you sound excited to have a new pal. = )

Incidentally, you just never know who might homeschool. I've always been a good rule-abiding gal. I was raised to conform (I didn't do too well there, LOL), and so my decision to homeschool was really quite difficult at first. Everyone was so shocked! I shocked myself! But the greater good outweighed any feeling of a citizen's duty, and, in time, I've learned that I can be a good citizen and homeschool. ;-)

hsmomof3 said...

How funny. I can't tell you how many times someone has acted like they thought I was crazy for homeschooling, only to turn around later and decide to homeschool themselves. You're's just that fear of doing something out of the norm. Keep us updated...I'm like you in that I wouldn't be surprised to find that you've got yourself a future homeschooling mom friend in this lady.


G said...

Isn't it terrible how we misjudge people? There's a girl in my public speaking class that I thought was just another giggly, fluff-headed cheerleader type, but then it turned out she does TONS of volunteer work, works with the elderly, and does all this stuff I think is really admirable. I felt really guilty for having misjudged her.

Sounds like you have a nice new friend though!