Wednesday, June 27, 2007

It finally happened!

The following conversation was actually heard in my living room this afternoon.

Cassia: Mommy, can we watch a movie while we eat lunch?
Mommy: Sure, what do you want to watch?
Cameron: Zomboomafoo!
Mommy: Oh, that's a great idea! You can watch that while you eat and then we can read another chapter of Harry Potter afterward.
Cassia: Noooooo!!!!!!! I don't waaaannnnnttttt to read a book. I don't liiiiiiiiikkkke listening to movies that way.
Cameron: But I want to hear about the Quidditch game next chapter!

Yes, you read right. Cameron was arguing for a book. We just needed the right book, I suppose.


~Mary~ 4boys4me said...

LOL at Cassia... She doesn't like listening to movies that way! Well, who told her it was a movie? ;)

Pixilated Mum said...


Rock on, Cam.

And, hey, yeaaaaah, Mary has a good point. Who told her about it being a flick? LOL

Jenny said...

Um, have you two been reading my blog for the past several weeks? Cameron and Cassia have watched one of the four movies every day for the last two or three weeks. Obsessed, I tell you! Obsessed!

That's the cincher for Cam though. He's finally realized that there *is* more in the book and that it *is* better that way. Cassia just wanted an excuse to whine. ;)