Friday, June 15, 2007

It's Friday!

It's Friday, I guess I should update or something, lol. Now to remember what we've been doing all week! Hmmmmm....

Tuesday was super fun. We spent all afternoon at a really fun community pool. There was a whole section of it that was kind of sectioned off and was completely shallow water - shallow enough that even Cassia could walk through it! They had water slides and a mushroom fountain and buckets that randomly dump on your head, lol. Very fun. The kids had a blast and didn't want to leave. Even Greyson was a little fish and would just splash and play and try to swim right out of my arms. We finally left and headed home for a quick nap before the t-ball pizza party. The pizza was good, lol, but it was pretty much just each family at their own table. Not much of a party. I'm not exactly the most social parent anyway so we just sat there and ate our pizza and then left. Cameron got a little trophy and hist team photos. They came out so good! I tried to scan them in but I need to download some new drivers for the scanner. We got these cute little baseball trading cards too. Adorable.

Wednesday was park day. It was hot, hot, hot but the kids really needed to get out and play. Oh and guess what... more free curriculum and books! LOL. I feel like I really owe something to charity now, we've gotten so much recently. Anyway, this was a HUGE box full of stuff from a virtual school(I think) at the California Academy of Sciences. They're closing the program down and were just giving away the curricula. I got one on measurement. Our friends DadR and MomM got another two that were geared for K - 3, I think liquids and density, that they promised to share. I also grabbed a handful of other science textbooks and teacher manuals. Unfortunately, my science shelf is full so I don't know what I'm going to do with them, lol.

Speaking of which, the school room is coming along nicely. I already need more room. ;) I've rearranged the books three times now and I'm still not happy. I cannot get the right balance of organized and attainable. I need another bookcase. The kids love it in there though. I was on the phone this morning and they were strangely quiet. I went to check on them and they both cuddled into the big chair reading a Magic School Bus book together. So cute. So exactly what I've always wanted them to do. :) They even begged me to read the book to them when I was done.

Thursday was gymnastics day. Cameron got six out of six stars on his skill testing! Woohoo! Of course, he was testing a level behind where he should've, I think, because he was sick the last testing day but it doesn't matter. He also received a little diploma and was "graduated" on to the next level of classes. Out of the preschool classes and on to the boys recreational classes! Just when I thought that I would be able to get he and Cassia into the same class and save myself some time, lol. I guess I could keep him in this class for a while (the age is 4 - 6), but they really like the kids to move on the summer before they start 1st grade. I guess the good news there is that it is more of a drop off class so I technically don't have to wait around for him with all the kids, but I probably will anyway. Cassia has been given the go ahead to move up too (to the class that Cameron is leaving) so I'm going to have to totally revamp our schedule. There are no back to back classes for them now. I'm also faced with Maria's problem of late afternoon or evening classes. Blech. Cameron's class will most likely be at 3:30 but that's still pretty late for us. That's right about the time that I lose all patience with everybody, lol. Maybe being out of the house then will be a good thing.

Friday was grocery store and Harry Potter. Yes, they are still obsessed with Harry Potter. Cameron is LOVING the book though. WooHoo! We were watching the first movie this afternoon and he kept coming up with all these details and background information that is only in the book. "So if someone other than a goblin tries to unlock that vault they get trapped inside, huh?" Why, yes, they do! And there was our reading comprehension portion of the day. ;) Add in the Magic School Bus book on bugs (science) and the quick Roman Numeral lesson that came up while we were reading the Grandmother Clock (math and math) and we've had ourselves a pretty educational 24 hours.

Do you want to know my secret or should I make you wait until next week? LOL, ah the power. OK, I'll tell... I'm going to an unschooling potluck next week! I kept reading the invitation on our e-list and couldn't get Meesh's voice out of my head, lol. Come to the Dark Side!! Anyway, I told them I would only come if I could continue clutching my copy of Well-Trained Mind the entire time. ;) They said ok. I really need to find some sort of mental balance between Classical and Unschooling before I lose my mind. I'm hoping someone there will be able to help me out. Besides, pretty much all of my real life friends are unschoolers so I basically want another excuse to go hang out with them, lol.

And that was our week.


Pixilated Mum said...

The community pool sounds absolutely fun. I wish we had something that like around here. How totally cool, especially a wade pool for little ones. I can imagine Sebastian having a blast in something like that.

Get new drivers soon. Post pics soon. Bookshelves are horrible to organize, at least for me. I have them somewhat organized by topic, but I have an enormous huge hulking wall-size bookshelf in the garage that is packed with books, and I sometimes think about organizing them, but ... I don't. LOL

Unschooling, huh? Well, you've got to go with what works for you and your family and your philosophy for education. I don't see myself ever becoming an unschooler at all, but that doesn't mean I can't wish you the best at your potluck with unschooling friends. :) Is Meesh doing cartwheels? LOL

Incidentally, I think it's funny that your friends are all unschoolers. My HS friends down here are eclectics, school-at-home, classical homeschoolers, and one unschooler.

Jenny said...

Maria, LOL at your "support" there. ;) I was telling someone else that it seems that all my online friends are classical but most of my real life friends are unschoolers so it's kind of like a head vs heart dilemma. That and the fact that I live in hippie-ville... 20 miles north of Haight-Ashbury, lol.

I am still convinced that I can combine the two approaches successfully. There has to be a better way than two weeks of school followed by two weeks of unschool, which seems to be what we're doing, lol. I keep thinking that if I can just introduce our time period and then let them follow their own interests within, we'll be good. I'll probably never really end up changing anything, but maybe I can find someone else who is doing a similar thing and is not insane with the dichotomy of it.

G said...

I've been thinking about that potluck too, but haven't decided. Hmmmm....

G said...

Okay, I did it. I RSVP'd for the dinner.

I love Maria's "support" there too. Gave me a good laugh at least. (I mean that in a good way Maria).

Pixilated Mum said...


Yeah, I'm just oozing support, aren't I? Well, at least I'm good for some laughs, right? Since you and G found my support so amusing ... HAHAHAHAH. ;-D

BTW, thanks for the sweet comments about Essie and about Cassia's thinking us cooler than Disneyland. Nice!

Meesh said...

Bwah ha ha ha ha! I hope to see you here soon young unschooler. (in the World of Unschool you know)

Maria your support was almost overwhelming! LOL!

I hope you do find the balance- you and I are struggling from opposite directions. I am really really going to try and add a little more *something* to our world- I don't know that it will take the form of classical education, but it will be something by golly!