Friday, January 12, 2007

Thursday & Friday & no creative title

Well, we actually managed to get through most of the library books! I think the only one that wasn't read was one that Cassia had picked out called Grannies. We spent Wednesday and Thursday reading about Sea Sponges and Recycling and Addition Annie and Bugs and Pigeons and Paper Cranes and a few more things that I can't remember. And it was good! It looks as though Cameron has picked up one of my more annoying traits... procrastination. He doesn't want to do anything until the very last second. He can't put his shoes on until we are "ready to go NOW." He won't get dressed until it's 5 minutes until his deadline. He won't let me read library books to him until they're due back tomorrow. And I'm sure that's probably my fault, lol.

Thursday was gymnastics day. Nothing too exciting there except that Cameron now has a red star on his name tag. I don't know what that means except that he used to have a yellow outline and a pencil X on it and now he has a red outline and a red foil star. Some kids have 3 stars on theirs. I know it has something to do with skill level and how long you've been in the class. He's been in this particular class a full year now. I wonder if that's it? I doubt it's because he's mastered all the appropriate skills because he is always so freakin' hyper on testing day that he can barely walk a straight line, much less a balance beam, lol. His similarly hyper friend Conner also got a new red star this session. He's at the exact same place - brute strength but neither grace nor patience.

Friday we went to Preschool Park Day but it was so cold that only two other families were there. The kids didn't seem to mind but us moms just sat on a bench, as closely as possible, shivering and chatting. It wasn't nearly as cold as it was supposed to be today (supposed to be in the 20s!), but it was COLD. We didn't stay too terribly long because we had to get back here and give my mom a ride to a doctor's appointment. While we waited for her, we read Chapter 3 of The Magician's Nephew. We had time to read another, but Cameron didn't want to. It was pretty distracting trying to read in the car with Cassia digging through the glove box and Greyson beeping the horn every five minutes, so I don't blame him for wanting to stop.

I had printed out the materials for Unit Two of Poco a poco but we never got around to it. At least now that they're already printed maybe we can just do it first thing Saturday morning. We did do plenty of other learning though. Before breakfast, Cameron and I were discussing the number 1000 - actually it was a carry over from Thursday night's dinner - and ended up writing numbers, by 100, to 1000 on the white board. That led to a discussion on commas in numbers. We also did some talking about coin values in the car while we were waiting for my mom. I know Cassia said something really thoughtful and intelligent today that really showed me what a smart little cookie she is, but I can't for the life of me remember what it was, lol.

So no school, but no stagnation either, lol. Living and learning. And keeping the dumb baby out of the pet food and the trash. *sigh* Did you know that dry cat food goes straight through the digestive tract??

OH! I did think of one notable thing as I was contemplating whether or not I was really going to publish the term "dumb baby" or not... my mother has a very bizarre sense of humor and seems to think it hilarious to threaten violence to innocents. As in that cat better knock it off or I'm going to break both his legs. Well today when I said something about having carried Greyson too much yesterday and that we just wanted to wait in the car because my arm was sore, she said, "well you should just put him on a leash and let him bump along after you! Hahaha" Oh yeah Mom, funny, that's what I should do (insert sarcasm here). Well Cameron got ALL indignant. She had been on her way into the drug store at the time and only caught the first part of his indignancy (for which she did apologize and clarify that she was only kidding the second she got back in the car, to her credit) but he just went on and on about how that wasn't funny because he would get hurt and hurting people isn't funny and what if he got run over in the street because he can't walk yet! I explained that, of course, she knew that no one would ever do that and that's why it was just a joke. He said that he knew it was a joke but it wasn't funny and that she really needs to stop saying things like that. :O My little human rights activist. Who would've known that there was such sensitivity hidden in someone who likes to play so violently, lol!


~Mary~ 4boys4me said...

How sweet that Cameron was taking up for the baby!! I often think my kids wouldn't care if Matthew were bumped along at the end of a leash! LOL But Evan surprised me one day when my BIL was teasing about taking Matthew home with him. Evan got mad! He screamed, "No, that's OUR baby!"

And, yes, I did know that about cat food... works with dog food too... (this does NOT make us bad mothers, lol)

~Mary~ 4boys4me said...

Oh yeah, I also wanted to say that we've returned many, many books to the library unread! Or we go on-line and renew them. But I guess if it gets some reading in, I'd go for the marathon too. ;)