Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Much better today, thanks.

Thanks all of you for the well wishes. It's good to have friends (and yes, Jenn, please link to me and visit often!) After a friendly chat with MIL, a glass of wine, and a couple rounds of Dance Dance Revolution, I felt much better by yesterday night. Still no AF though, just spotting... bf'ing is doing some wacky things to my cycle this time. (The bf'ing isn't new - I'm an old pro at that - but I always went on POPs after my 6-wk pp checkup which kept AF at bay until I stopped taking the pill. Au natural is much more complex, I'm finding!) Anyway... sorry for the tmi.

School went pretty well this morning. Cassia was working in her math book on comparing objects in a balance. She's finally got it down that the lower side is heavier. Still though, she is much more interested in making pretty patterns with the colored hex-weights than finding anything to measure. She still has another page or two of that which I may just let her skip. Those are the last two pages of EB1A though. Maybe I'll just have her do the last page, for closure.

Cameron did fantastic on his math. It was adding and subtracting 0 through 4 to numbers in the 20s and 30s by counting up or down. He hardly made any mistakes at all and just worked through it very quickly. He was quite proud of himself. Next we did science. We're still working on the fungi and micro-organism chapter. There was a really great experiment to do with a moist piece and a toasted piece of bread... but we were out of bread. Whoops. So we just did a (boring) workbook page, actually 4 pages, on plants and fungi. He did pretty good on it. He loved the crossword type puzzle that spelled out "fungi" when you got all the right answers.

Greyson was supposed to be napping during all this but refused. He just stands at his crib rail and screams. So I let him stay up. First I carried him around while directing the various school activities. Then I let him crawl around on the floor, but he kept getting himself stuck under the chairs, lol. Then I put him in his bouncy seat and he had a great time just bouncing himself up and down, up and down, up and down, until...Does that look comfortable to you??

Now we're watching Robin Hood, yet again, and waiting to see if some friends stop by. They probably won't because I didn't call this weekend to confirm, but as I'm sure I've said before, I really hate the phone. Really, really, really hate the phone. Right up there with public speaking, lol.

OK, here's one more cute picture for good measure.


~Mary~ 4boys4me said...

CUTE pictures! I cracked up at Grayson in the bouncy seat.
I can't believe how much Cameron and Cassia look alike. Give them the same haircut and they could be twins! Well, if you discount the height difference. LOL

Meesh said...

how cute is that baby! Isn't funny the weird positions that a baby will fall asleep in. Glad you are feeling better.

So are you heading south in Feb or what?