Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Blustery Day - edited!

Nothing too exciting today except for park day. It was sunny and 50ish, but when the wind started blowing...brrrrrrrr. Poor little Greyson's gums were chattering. All of the 4 - 6 year old boys, and one little girl L, were playing push & wrestle. Wrestle & push. Fall over and laugh then push & wrestle again. Silly kids. I guess it's a 5 yo thing.

Earlier in the day, I looked over at the library book table and saw a whole bag full of UNREAD books that are due back tomorrow. I made a proclamation that we weren't going to do anything else until all of those books were read, lol. So I dumped them all out on the floor and we began digging through them. Turns out there were a couple that we had, in fact, read but there was still quite a pile! We made a good dent in it though. Cameron even read part of a Dick & Jane book that I had gotten for him. He didn't like it much. Too boring, I guess. We read this one called Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus that was really silly. Of course, they loved it - maybe it's my pigeon voice. ;) But, after saying that Dick & Jane was "too hard," Cameron sat down and read the pigeon book, cover to cover. I have the feeling that Captain Underpants or something similarly silly and non-educational will be in his future.

---- just when you thought you knew your child ----

And a mere 3 hours after publishing this entry, my dear sweet boy actually begged me to read Narnia to him. He and Cassia were being statues during dinner - Cameron's all looked thoughtful and Cassia's all had their tongue sticking out, lol - and I told them that the book I was reading right now had a mean witch in it that turned everyone into statues. Oh, what big eyes I saw at that! To think, such exciting things in a book! Books that usually have such dull stuff as Dick and Jane pulling Spot and Puff in a wagon could actually have exciting things like witches turning children into statues?? So I started reading them The Magicians Nephew (they got complete collection of the Chronicles for Christmas and that is the order they are placed in, so that is the order in which I am reading them) and I thought I was losing Cam in the details. I lost Cassia right away. Greyson kept fussing and I had to keep stopping and each time I would ask Cameron if he wanted me to continue. Each time, to my surprise, he said yes. I finished chapter one, which luckily had a very exciting ending, and said that it was time for bed. Cameron begged me to read "just one more chapter!" Oh! What a sound! I never thought I would hear that phrase. Beaming here, truly beaming. So I read chapter two and he was enraptured. He even was able to narrate back to me the briefest outline of the plot.

I seriously thought we were doomed to Goosebumps and Captain Underpants to keep him interested, but now we have discovered true literature. *Sigh.* I am so happy that I think I am glowing.

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G said...

No, we're not vegetarians. I was vegetarian, then vegan, then back to vegetarian for years, but since dh is definately not, and I had issues with hair loss, frequent colds, etc., we do eat some meat now.
I know what you mean about library picks, movies, etc. If I get a bunch of stuff on something we're interested in, it rarely gets read/watched. Now, I get a couple of books, or one documentary, and the rest is for fun.
That's great about Cameron being into Narnia! I love, love, love those books, and can't wait until mine are interested. Right now we're deep into Roald Dahl's BFG. Not quite on the same level!
P.S. Have you thought any more about a discussion group for classical curriculum?