Friday, July 13, 2007

Reconstructing the Past

All in all, it was a great first week of school. There was a minimum of whining and/or snapping. There was a myriad of learning. There were workbook pages done and chapters "covered." But most importantly, there was the regurgitation of things learned. All week I was delighted to hear how something is like the digestive system or how this died out before that. I have heard "Bill Nye, the Science Guy" sung over and over. And today, best yet... we actually started a mass impromptu archaeological dig at the park.

We unearthed Cavemen (our friend, C.O.), Cavemonkeys (Cassia), and an entire Ancient Bulldozer Graveyard. It was stunning science. ;) Cameron thought it was absolutely hilarious, but Cassia took her work very seriously. The rest of our friends were actually off at the Climbing Tree picking blackberries when Cassia began to unearth Cave C.O. She very carefully dug until she hit cloth, "I found prehistoric pants!" and then she gently swept the dirt away to uncover the artifact in its entirety. We were not completely sure that our specimen was, in fact, human until we realized how very ticklish it was. By this time, the berry picking clan had returned and when they saw how much fun we were having they all started burying themselves too. I think at one point there were 4 buried children and about 6 junior archaeologists (several weren't even homeschoolers - they just thought we looked like we were having fun!). It was a crazy, fun scene. Yep, we did history today.

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G said...

We totally had fun! C.O. and C.J. are jealous that your kids are learning about archeology and all that, so I think we're going to be studying that very soon. I really liked that park too - speaking of parks, we drove by Superpark on the way out... definately a mistake.

Greyson is seriously the cutest baby!