Monday, July 02, 2007

Off on vacation, again

Off on yet another vacation tomorrow. We had some pressing business to wrap up today. First we had to finish watching the Indiana Jones trilogy because we have plans to see the newest installment... unfortunately, I just realized that I was a year off with my release date, lol. For some reason, I could've sworn that DH told me that it was coming out for 4th of July this year. Nope, May 2008. Duh.

We also have to finish reading the last two chapters of Harry Potter today. Still working on that...

And then we had to go buy fireworks. We bought them from the booth supporting Cassia's new ballet school. The girl who sold us our fireworks is probably going to be the one leading Cassia's class, so that was exciting for her to meet her new teacher. Had I mentioned that she's starting ballet next week? She's been looking forward to this for years. Seriously. We looked into it when she was two but decided to put it off for a while and she has been anxiously awaiting it ever since. We're starting off with a 5 week summer program just to try the school out. They pretty much sucker you into continuing though because you still have to pay the yearly insurance fee and buy the pink leotard, tights, and ballet slippers. In for a day, in for a lifetime. I hope we like the school though. There's another one in town that's less serious, more of a fun dance place, but I figure if you're going to bother learning it you should learn correctly. I've heard some horror stories about irresponsible ballet instruction - serious and permanent injury stories. Now, I doubt that would happen at the preschool level but if she *really* likes it and wants to continue ballet as a serious pursuit I'd rather already be at the Good Place.

Next we headed over to the Dance Shoppe to buy all her gear, only to find that they are closed on Mondays. Cameron suggested that we walk over to the music store instead, so we took a mini field trip. The store was pretty dead and one of the employees was really sweet to the kids. He showed them some instruments and gave them a free guitar poster, lol. I was chatting to him a little about the possibility of Cam learning violin on his own without actually taking any lessons (because they are pricey!) but he said that we really should invest in at least a couple lessons so that he can learn correct bowing. Made sense to me. I like that he didn't just try to sell me a DVD. At one point he mentioned to Cameron that he could probably get some lessons in school and then play in the school band. Cameron responded, a little too loudly, "I don't GO to school. I'm a HOMEschooler." As if it's tattooed on his head and everyone should know that, lol.

I should get packing now. Talk at you next week. It will be an exciting one: new gymnastics classes, new ballet class, and new school year!

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