Thursday, July 26, 2007

Good thing we stopped "school" today!

Good thing we stopped "school" today or we might not have learned anything! Shortly after our afternoon relax-a-thon (Harry for me, playing for C&C, sleeping for Grey), we watched The Big Christmas Tree - a video about the giant Christmas tree they put in Rockefeller Center - which was surprisingly interesting. Next we put together our new rock tumbler... I mean the kids' rock tumbler. I was shocked to find out that we have about 3 WEEKS to wait for nicely polished rocks. The first phase should be done in 2 - 4 days though and that will be exciting.

Next, on a whim, I decided to check the mail and what did I find on my front porch??? A microscope! Woohoo!! MIL wanted to get the kids school desks for their birthdays but she couldn't find anywhere that had a reasonable price and decent shipping so she just gave me a big check and told me to buy them. Well, I couldn't find anything locally either! LOL, finally I found a really beautiful writing desk - that could seat two chairs if need be - at a thrift store and bought that... with about $125 to spare! MIL and I (ok, I, but I cleared it with her) decided to spend the balance on something else educational and I had been wanting a microscope. I found this little beauty for just over a hundred and it arrived today. YIPPEE! So there went my cleaning schedule, lol. We looked at grass and leaves and moss and paper towel and then I got greedy and hauled everyone off to the local hobby store for some prepared slides, lol. OH MY! I have only gotten through about half of them (and the kids only 2 or 3, lol) but I have found my new obsession. So freakin' cool. I haven't touched a microscope for, gosh, 15 years at least... way freakin' cool. Since we're studying the skeleton I'm thinking that I'm going to have to start making slides of fish bones and shaving pieces off of chicken bones and dissecting the children... oh wait, nevermind. ;)

But yeah, good thing we stopped learning early today. ;)


G said...

That sounds like the coolest "non" learning day!

About the wands... let's see, C.J.'s had purple, red & green pipe cleaners, and a few of the foam stickers, one of which I think was shaped like a long green ballon. Shiny purple stars too.

C.O.'s had gold & silver pipe cleaners, a green star foam sticker at the top, and I think some red (pipe cleaner) too. Gold or silver stars too I think.

Pixilated Mum said...


And I love that you love it so much. LOL It's awesome. : )

Shawna said...

Very cool!