Friday, July 27, 2007


Preschool Park Day always means education of a different kind. Today, Cassia spent most of the day being pushed around in a stroller at breakneck speeds by J9, a boy, incidentally. The rest of her day was spent in the sandbox baking. Cameron was either playing ball tag or Yahtzee with R11. Greyson was pushing a doll stroller with a Care Bear strapped into it all around the park. Non-stop. He must've put in miles. He even stubbed his little toes on the blacktop path, which was the easiest place to push the stroller, and refused to stop pushing. He was very mad at me when I made him stop to wash the blood off, lol. I spent the day chatting with moms, "eating" sand birthday cakes and "drinking" sand tea. We stayed way too late, as usual. And we had a lovely time as usual too.

I love this park day. I love the families that come to it. There's just something "different" about moms who either know they're going to homeschool that early on or have already been through it multiple times and are just starting out with their last. Seriously, it's not the paranoid weird feel that most Moms' Group preschool gatherings seem to have. Do you know what I'm talking about? Like they're all trying to impress each other with their hipness and their amazing parenting skills? Our group is easy and relaxed and we all know, without a doubt, that playing is the very best learning. We also all seem to know that how many times we do this, we never really know what we're doing, lol. Other playgroup conversations that I overhear have a certain know-it-all quality... or maybe that's just the way it sounds from the outside. I think that comes from a fear of failure though. I was sitting in on a conversation between a few moms at ballet the other day - I was "in" the conversation but had absolutely nothing to add to it - and they were all so concerned with "stuff." It's really hard to explain. It's like they're so afraid to make a mistake that they try to micromanage every single move they make and every thought in their heads. They were ALL complaining about insomnia because they just sit there and worry all night about all these mistakes they might be making. Not me! I am perfectly aware that I make plenty of mistakes but I am also very aware that I learn from every one of them too. I have no desire to be perfect - good thing too because it's never going to happen! LOL.


Pixilated Mum said...

Isn't it awesome to have a group of gals like that? I'm so happy for you! (And as long as you keep posting regularly, I shan't be too jealous. LOL)

And I know what you mean! I can't explain it either. But it's sort of like ... Well, sometimes I used to lurk on schooling boards (blush, blush) just to see if my kiddos were learning the "right" things, but the moms there totally stressed me out! Oh. My. Gosh. With all their talk about scores and levels and what-not. MY GOODNESS. I stopped lurking because they just operated on a totally different level, and I just was getting an ulcer reading about their concerns. LOL

G said...

Gee, thaaaaanks Jenny ;) for the helpful comment on my blog. Yes, you do have a point though. I too have seen people get stuck in the grocery business.

I know, deep down inside, what I WANT. I want to go back to my regular job, and have afternoons, evenings and weekends free to be a mom, you know? Be able to go to park days, keep C.O. in 4H.... we could use the money, but money isn't everything.

This is just agonizing!

I know what you mean about the "other" moms too. I hear it in grocery store lines regularly. Semms to be all competition and stress. So not what I want.