Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Smoother Sailing

Well today went much better than yesterday, though I can't really say that we accomplished much. Well, we did do a lot of planning for the 4-H Family Night potluck that is coming up in a couple weeks. Cameron is on both the games committee and the decoration committee so there was a lot of committeeing going on. And in the next couple weeks there is going to be a lot of stapling going on since he's going to have to make 24 feet of multi-colored paper chain!

Other than that, what did we do? Greyson seems to have totally given up on potty training. I guess the novelty wore off. He didn't even want to wear underwear today. Oh well. That is a very low priority on my list of things to worry about, lol. Cameron and Cassia just played a lot of LEGOs today. They've built these ships that carry horses and heroes off to strange lands in their various Legend of Zelda worlds. Cassia's was called Link's First Time in Space, lol. I didn't catch what Cameron's version was called. The funny thing was that they were playing separate games together. It was actually quite cool because that way they weren't arguing over the "right" way to do it or how the story went. They each had their own way and occasionally the two scenarios would interact, but mostly it was side-by-side fantasy LEGO adventuring. It worked for them, so it worked for me.

Then we went over to the K's for our committee meeting. That lasted all of about 15 minutes but we were there for about three hours eating lunch and playing with all their toys. They have some fun stuff in the backyard that their boys are getting too old for but my kids absolutely adore. We were joking that we should just go over there once a week for a park day so that their play stuff gets some use. ;) It was interesting because our kids never really interact because there's such a huge age difference - the K boys are 10 and 12, I think - but today M10 was actually playing with Cameron a bit, showing off his building skills with one of those magnetic building sets and comparing video game knowledge. I love when kids break out of their usual behaviors to just enjoy the moment and the people they're with. (LOL, suddenly the old saying, "If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with" just popped into my mind!)

After that we had about an hour or so to grab some food and play some more LEGOs before heading off to the second to last baseball game. Wow, this season has gone fast. The kids played great today and that just had the coaches beaming. Saturday is the last game and then we're having a big BBQ and adult baseball game to close out the season. It should be really fun. We have some great kids and parents on the team.

And that was our day. Nothing too exciting, nothing too stressful. Kind of the way I like it. ;) Tomorrow though we WILL do book work and we WILL do some cleaning. The poor chore chart has been neglected this week.


G said...

Hee hee... until the last couple of sentences, you sound like an unschooler.

I'm sure Greyson will get back into the potty training in the not-too-distant future. I was so glad when ds was mostly potty-trained by the time dd came along.

I need to redo our chore chart... hmmmm.... Have a good day doing school work and chores!

Jenny said...

Ha! They've corrupted me. No schoolwork, no chores, and no harassment from me about it. I was too busy debating the principles of unschooling online. ;)