Monday, May 05, 2008

Another one bites the dust

Cassia woke up this morning saying that her throat hurt and she wanted some medicine. Actually, she woke up, took off her jammies and night-time diaper, put on clean panties, and crawled into Greyson's bed. She then claimed that she was too cold to get up and fell back asleep, mostly naked, lol. But once she finally did manage to get some clothes on and get up, she said that her throat hurt and that she wanted some medicine. I gave her some Tylenol and she almost instantly fell asleep on the couch for about three hours! I guess she really didn't feel good.

I decided that gymnastics would not be a good idea today.

Cameron and I decided to do school outside but she rushed out to follow us and begged to go first. So she did. She read some more three letter words like dad and had and then a small story. Apparently she's been listening to Cameron because she said, "Oh no! Not another story!!" I quickly informed her that she didn't have to do this if she didn't want to and that I had thought she wanted to learn how to read and furthermore, I thought she loved reading that small story on Friday about Nan and the tan cat. She said, "Oh yeah," and read her story. It was very similar to last time in that I was doing the leading on the first half and by the second she was figuring it out on her own. But I could tell she was exhausted. Cameron read some Latin-derived words where "d" makes the /j/ sound (educate, schedule). I had never thought of those words as making a /j/ sound... more of a /dj/ sound if I really think about it, but whatever. He read pretty well but he was a bouncy little monster. Somebody bought him a soda yesterday and he drank the second half of it this afternoon. Bad idea. I knew I should've just thrown it out yesterday.

For grammar I read them a silly little poem and they picked out which lines were statements, exclamations, and questions. It was a fun exercise and the end of the first grade section of the book! No one even thought of asking if that meant we were going to stop doing grammar until second grade. ;) Next was math where Cameron did a lesson on counting money. He did great and the only mistake he made was by writing $6.04 as $6.4. It was an easy enough fix once he knew.

For history I read a couple chapters from a book on Ancient Greece and then read four chapters from Hour of the Olympics. Cam said he didn't want to hear anymore after one chapter but I said too bad. ;) I'd really like to move on in history since most books are talking about Classical Greece and SOTW comes back to that in a couple chapters BUT I'm still waiting for a book or two on Troy from the library. I guess I'll probably just finish this Magic Tree House book and then move on. I doubt we'll have many library books for the next couple chapters and Troy will still be relevant in Classical Greece.

Cassia starting saying she felt really sick again after that and I thought it was because I had just asked them to straighten up the living room, lol. But alas, it was not. Thankfully DH is working in town this week and was already planning on coming home early to watch Cameron's baseball game so I asked him to come home a couple minutes earlier to take him himself so that I could stay home with Cassia. She seems fine now - thank goodness. She was really bad for a few minutes there.

OK, dinner is ready. I will talk at you later. :)

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Gillian said...

I'm so sorry Cassia's sick now, and hope she feels better soon, but glad your dh is around to help out!

BTW, a very happy birthday to your little guy tomorrow! I unfortunately have to work this Friday... can't believe he's TWO already.

And sorry I scared you on my blog! We have NO intentions of giving up homeschooling!