Thursday, May 29, 2008

And there went the week.

Thursday is over and we officially got zero schoolwork and zero chores done. The kids were reasonably happy all week but the further we got into it the further they pushed their limits. It went from passively aggressively going and playing quietly instead of doing what I asked to flat out saying "No," this afternoon when I asked Cameron to pick up the toys in the living room. So instead of getting mad - I am so done with getting mad - and threatening them with the loss of all of their toys or something (which apparently would mean nothing anyway since Cassia informed me this evening that she hardly ever plays anymore because she doesn't have any toys that she wants to play with - puhleez) I calmly and quietly instigated a new policy. If you don't help me out during the day, you go straight to bed after dinner so that I can have time to do everything myself. Problem solved. They've pretty much had to go to bed right after dinner every night this week anyway because of different attitude problems so now I have an official rule to go with that. :P So there.

I had this whole tirade about a bunch of stuff typed out but I just realized that that was my headache and my backache talking. No need to point fingers at philosophies for a reason why they're acting this way. It's purely and simply a lack of consistency on my part. I let them do it and so they did. They've been taking advantage of me because I am tired and just don't want to deal with the fight. So no more fighting, just early bedtimes. If they really annoy me I'll just serve dinner at 3pm. ;)

In better news, they had their dress rehearsals for The Big Gym Show today and they both did FABULOUSLY. They both truly tried their best and I've never seen them look better. And I told them so. They beamed with pride...

...and then they resumed not listening to me and running around like crazy monkeys up and down the street. *roll eyes*

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Pixilated Mum said...

Argh, sorry about the rough day but glad the practice went well!

I also wanted to give you a shout-out, "Hellooooo!" since I've been crazy-busy and unable to blog.

Take care of yourself, girl.