Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Play Ball!

Slacking again! Man, time just gets away from me lately. I meant to blog Monday but DH was home so that makes it tough. I meant to blog Tuesday but we were busy all day and then Cameron and I ended up watching a Giant's game together until 10:30pm (!) and by then I was just too tired. I've been meaning to blog all day today, but here it is 9:45 and I'm just now getting to it. Where does the time go??

So let's see... Monday was a pretty good day. I started the day out with an OB appointment. Blobby is just fine (and we find out if it's Blobby or Blobbi on the 16th!) but I was told that I need to drink more water and try to stay off my feet as much as possible (hahahahahahaha). Just a little more aching/cramping/contracting (hard to tell what it really is at this point) than my doctor is comfortable with. And you know, she must be right because now that I'm paying more attention to it, I notice that it's always coming when I've been standing at the computer too long or have been running too many errands. So I've really been trying to go sit down when I start to feel it. DH is terrified that I'm going to end up on bedrest, so I'm doing my best to make sure I'm getting some rest when I need it.

Anyway, after that Cameron and I did some schoolwork. We only had time for Phonics and Grammar before it was time for gymnastics. We learned something new in Grammar though (which is always a nice surprise since there is so much review, lol), the definition of a sentence. Neither Cameron nor Cassia had any trouble picking out which was the sentence and which was the fragment in the examples. We took Math and Spelling along with us to the gym. Math was multiplying and dividing by fours and Cameron had a couple interested people at the gym asking what grade he was in and what school he went to and such, lol. He's a very proud homeschooler. I love that. I also noticed that even though he's doing a 2nd grade math book - and he knows that - he told people that he was in first grade and that this was his first grade math book. I like that he doesn't feel the need to brag about the level. Maybe he just doesn't realize that all first graders don't do level 2 math? He does like to brag about the fact that he's got me teaching him cursive even though I told him that most kids don't learn that until 2nd grade. LOL. People don't seem very impressed by that though. ;) But where was I? Oh yeah, we were doing math at gymnastics. We ended up not having the time or the inclination to do Spelling there so we were going to do that and History back at the house afterward.

Both Cameron and Cassia did FABULOUSLY in gymnastics this week. It was Star Week where they are tested on their skills and Cassia got 5 out of 6 stars on hers. That means a new star on her name tag which she is just thrilled over. We've missed the last couple star days and they don't have make-ups for her class, so she was feeling a little behind/left out. Cameron, if you remember, only got two stars at his make-up last month and was absolutely devastated. He was convinced he would *never* pass level two. Well, he got SEVEN stars and earned his level two ribbon. WooHoo! I was so genuinely proud of their hard work that I told them that I'd give them a pass on the rest of their schoolwork for the day. Cam said that he'd take the pass on Spelling but he still wanted to do History. :) So here's what we did for History:

Frescoes! Just like the Minoans covered their palace walls with. Those were really fun. I don't know how authentic they really are (painting with poster paint on wet plaster of paris) but they were fun and we will probably all now remember that frescoes are the ones done on plaster.

Tuesday we had our EcoArts project for 4-H. We made kites out of paper bags. It was a fun project to make but the cutting was actually a bit hard for the kids (most of them 2nd grade or under). I'd say their education was lacking but a public school teacher recently told me that she has 4th graders whose cutting skills are practically non-existent because the school took cutting practice out of the Kindergarten curriculum. Guess why... yep, because they aren't tested on that particular skill. *roll eyes* We went out for ice cream with a couple people after the meeting and as is typical of a 4-H day, we never got around to doing any book work. Oh well. They got cutting and painting practice in... no test required. ;)

Today, Wednesday, we didn't actually get around to much book work either. We ran some errands in the morning and then came home to find that the mailman had delivered a new game: Smath! Of course I was just as bad as the kids and had to open it up and read all the directions the second we got it, lol. So we decided that we would do a quick Phonics lesson (plurals ending in -es) and then we would play Smath for math. What a great game! It's really just Scrabble with math equations instead of words but, man, is it fun! I love Scrabble anyway and I love equations so it was just heaven to me. Cameron and I had a pretty close game going on... until Greyson toppled the board, that is. But it was time to go to baseball anyway so we geared up, strapped ourselves in the car, and... and... nothing. Dead battery. Somebody had been playing in the car and left all the lights on. That somebody is not allowed to stay in the car after we go in the house anymore, no matter how much she begs. So we had to walk to the baseball game. Luckily it only takes ten minutes to walk there so it wasn't a big deal. We were going to just drop Cam off and then hit the grocery store but obviously that didn't happen. I guess I'm going to have to get up early and make muffins or something for breakfast since we don't have anything else, lol. And it looks like I'll finally get a chance to use my AAA card tomorrow morning. DH won't be home to jump the car for us until late Friday night, and I'm sorry, but we've got plans. No time to wait so I'm calling in the professionals.

Speaking of professionals - we finally get our new water heating system installed on Tuesday!! WooHoo!!! T minus 6 days until we have hot water again!!!!!


Gillian said...

I *love* the frescos! And am as always glad to see an update from you. I think I'm going to have to check out that game too.

Gotta be tough being without hot water so long.

Stay off your feet today! (as if you could).

Sandy said...

Your new water system sounds soooo exciting! I can't wait to hear all about it. It sounds brilliant...