Friday, March 28, 2008

Hello there!

Sorry I've been gone so long. I have had password "issues." Let's just hope that they're resolved now and I don't have to reset my password every time I want to log in. Eeek.

So much time has passed since I last blogged, I don't even know where to start. Easter was good. We took a 4-day weekend for Easter Break. Can I tell you that I love being able to call it Easter Break? LOL, all of our outside classes were taking Spring Break and while I acknowledge that it is indeed springtime, that's not the reason we took a break. We took a break because we were going out of town to spend Easter with some relatives. So, therefore, it was Easter break... and we're not even Christian, lol. It's the little things that make me happy. ;)

School has been very bipolar. We've had a very reliable schedule of one fantastic day followed by one cruddy day. I could set a calendar by it. I should just only plan on doing school Monday/Wednesday/Friday to plan for that, but then that would ensure that MWF were our bad days. (No really, I am an optimist!)

But let's see... we've made steady progress in Phonics, Grammar, and Math. Spelling has been done once a week, but I doubt that anything has been retained. I really need to get Cameron back in the habit of doing Spelling Time several times a week. For History we have read about the Minoans in SOTW and our History Encyclopedias. The kids have had a great time practicing bull-jumping. If they remember nothing else about the island of Crete, they will know that the children there did gymnastic vaults over live bulls. Of course, C&C were practicing over a padded rocking horse, but it sure was fun and yet, still dangerous! LOL. They also enjoyed the story of King Minos and the Minotaur. Cameron informed me that if he lived then there was no way he would have allowed that to happen. I love how powerful he feels. He really feels that he could change the world if he wanted to. Maybe someday he will. :)

Today we went to science class and they learned about optical illusions and a little bit about the eye. They made those little flippy cards where you put a cage on one side and a bird on the other. Cassia made a flower on one side and its petals on the other. I helped her with it but we didn't get it lined up too well. The teacher saw it and said that it looked like a picture of that Simpons character, Sideshow Bob. LOL. He was right. Cameron made a really cool one that was a treasure chest on one side and a dagger on the other. After class, the kids played this elaborate sword, shield and elf game again. They all get along really well. We left a little earlier than the kids would have liked so that we could at least spend a couple hours with our friends a Favorite Park day, but there were only a couple families there. And it was cold. And it started raining. Thankfully I didn't hear a single instance of "we should've stayed at R's house!!" but that's what I was thinking! So we came home to hot chocolate and a movie and now we have to go see if Cameron's baseball game is actually going to happen or not. It's sprinkling, but who knows how hard core they are with rain. It's only game #3.

...And the answer is, Little League is pretty hard core!! The game went on despite intermittent showers and then it was pouring during the entire 4th inning. All the parents were complaining but the coach said as long as the kids weren't complaining that they were playing! They finally called it at the end of the 4th inning after almost an hour and a half (regulation game time). Crazy people!! LOL. We have another game tomorrow morning. I hope it's not still raining then.

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Vegiemama said...

I'm glad you got your password issue sorted out. I've missed you--or at least, your blog, since I "see" you other places ;-)