Thursday, March 06, 2008

In lighter news...

So I realize that I haven't updated in a while. Sorry for that. My days just seem so short now! Once I finally make it through the day, I'm just ready to crash in front of the tv and my poor blog has become neglected. When did I find time to blog before? I guess it was while I was cooking dinner and lately my dinner cooking has been less than gourmet, lol. Tonight it was "baked" potatoes in the microwave. Last night it was pizza (at least I did make it from semi scratch - Trader Joe's dough). The night before bean burritos. So when is the first trimester fatigue over??

So let's recap the week...

Monday: I was supposed to have an OB appointment in the morning but it got rescheduled due to an emergency c-section. She sure seems to get a lot of those! I hope these aren't all her patients or I may have to find someone less scalpel happy! I finally got in at around 5:30 pm. She couldn't find the heartbeat with the Doppler so we had to go check things out with a quick u/s. Darn. ;) Little Blobby was rabbit kicking around in there like a hyper little Berm babe should. So much for my theory that I'm due a mellow child this time around. I go for a NT scan next Monday. I wasn't actually planning on this particular test. I'm not going to have an amnio unless there is a DAMN GOOD reason for it - as in something that is fixable in utero or something that must be dealt with right at birth - so I didn't see much point in this particular test. I was told that I was being scheduled for a Quad Screen. I figured this was just another layer to the Triple Screen that I've had for all my other kids (blood test correlating with 20-wk u/s). I didn't realize that the fourth layer was the NT scan. But, in researching it, I found out that it can identify cardiac problems and that is definitely something I would want to know about. So I go in for that ultrasound Monday morning.

School was squished in before gymnastics. Cameron did phonics which included some whiteboard writing. Whiteboard writing always leads to cursive practice but I have no idea why, lol. He just loves practicing cursive on the whiteboard! I call it a bonus subject. But this bonus subject meant that he only had time to finish half of his math assignment (1 of 2 pages) before we left for the gym. Once we got back we "did Science" by watching the new Discovery Channel series The Human Body: Pushing the Limits. What a great show! Make sure you check it out this Sunday if you haven't seen it yet.

Tuesday was the day of our 4-H EcoArts project so we definitely did not have time for bookwork. Cameron did manage to finish up that second page of math but that was it. For EcoArts we made homemade finger paint! The kids mixed up 1/2 cup flour and 2 cups water and I then thickened it on the stove. We then put it into little containers (old spice jars that I had lying around - reduce, reuse, recycle!) and then the kids added food coloring to get the color they wanted. We got some great shades. Luckily it was a nice day so we took it outside to the garden and the kids really had a blast painting away. Even Cameron, who did not want to do it because he hates getting his hands dirty, gave it a try and really enjoyed himself. He made a green rainbow with a green happy face under it, lol. Perfect for St. Patrick's Day! After that we had to rush home for baseball practice where everyone had a great time. Cassia has a little 3-1/2 yr old friend there and they just have the greatest time together. I think they're both just so happy to have another girl to play with in the midst of all those boys! We finished off the day with another episode of The Human Body. This one on strength.

Wednesday: Finally a non-rushed day! We did Phonics, Spelling, Grammar, Math, and History! Grammar was fun. We've been learning this funny poem called Mr. Nobody. It's quite a challenge compared to the other poems we've learned because there are three stanzas and many of the words and phrasings are poetic. But they're doing a great job with it!! They both have stanza one down and Cassia is halfway to knowing stanza two as well. For History we read about the Phoenicians in The Ancient Israelites and Their Neighbors. What a fun book that is! If I ever get another Amazon gift certificate as a gift, I think I might pick up that whole series. They have a good balance of history told in an easy-to-read way and fun projects.

Thursday: Today we had stuff to do, but it didn't seem crazy. We started with ballet and then came home to schoolwork. We did Phonics (oh Cassia has been doing Phonics all week too! She's really into it now), Grammar (more Mr. Nobody), Math, and some more reading in Ancient Israelites and Their Neighbors. Today we read about their clothing, exports, and their alphabet. Cameron finished off with writing his and Cassia's names in both Egyptian Hieroglyphics and Phoenician letters. Then video games. Then baseball. Then dinner. Then bed.

Then blog. Then tv. Then bed.

Tomorrow is Favorite Park day so you know I won't get around to blogging. Send some positive energy or some prayers (whichever you are inclined) to the homeschooling community here in California. Ugh, I just don't even want to think about it anymore because it puts my stomach in knots. Ok, revision to my above list: blog, tv & chocolate pudding, then bed. ;)

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