Monday, April 07, 2008

No news is no news

Well, I made it back here slightly before a week! I'd hate to become a once a week blogger. ;)

Not too much happening though.

Thursday was ballet class and then the usual schoolwork. We started reading about Greece but I can't really go on because my library books haven't come in yet. (Not that I don't have a ridiculous number of books on Greece in the schoolroom that my aunt passed down to me - but I haven't gone through those yet so we're ignoring them.) Cassia got promoted from the little girl class to Pre-Ballet for this summer even though they had previously told me it wouldn't be until fall. I wish it were because she's so amazingly talented but I think it's just because they want her to take one of the Pre-Ballet summer camps (more $$$). And of course we're falling for it. ;) But it's ok because we should be able to have her in ballet camp and Cameron in golf camp the same week leaving me with only one child. Can you imagine? It's only for a couple hours a day, but still, it's a milestone.

Friday was Science class where the kids learned edible geology. The did plate tectonics with mint Oreos to show how mountains form and then broke up Pangea (a graham cracker) and watched its soil (frosting) and plant & animal life (sprinkles) get distributed over the world (paper plate). It was cute. That was followed by playing swords with the boys in class and then Favorite Park Day which actually ended in a complete melt-down by Cassia because she didn't get to play with L5 long enough. Of course that didn't matter when I couldn't get her to leave R8's house to go to the park! I think we may have to pick instead of doing both every week. Maybe trade off weeks of staying to play or going to the park.

Saturday was baseball and gardening.

Sunday was a Geocaching project for 4-H. That was fun! I kind of had to talk the boys into it, but I knew they would love it... and they did! This was the first meeting and we met at the leader's house to learn the rules and then they had hidden different caches around their property for the kids to find as practice. Cam and DH had a blast and found every single one of them. Of course DH wants to buy his own GPS now, lol. Cassia had a great time just playing dress up with C5 and Greyson had his own little explore going on. We all had a really good time. :)

Monday Greyson finally went in for his long-awaited GI appointment. It was pretty anticlimactic. We just talked and they ordered some blood tests (to appease me, I think) but I have the feeling that the doctor just thinks that "some kids are just like that" and he'll eventually grow out of this. She suggested some supplements that might help and said come back this summer and we'll see if it's gotten any better. I guess the main point is that he is growing well and things have gotten better since giving up dairy so they're ok with where he's at. I'm pretty tired of the constant diaper related infections, but hopefully the supplements will help that.

We got home from there with about an hour before gymnastics, so no schoolwork got done despite my plans to push through it real quick. LOL, as if. ;) So we went to the gym and the kids got their permission slips for the Big Gymnastics Show in June. Thankfully they were both placed in the same show, lol. I could've changed them, of course, but it's nice that I didn't have to. They got assigned to the best show too - Sunday matinée!

And that's what we've been up to since last Wednesday. Tomorrow is the day we've all been waiting for... water heater installation day!!!!!!! So hopefully by this time tomorrow I will be clean and warm and happy. Yay!

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Pixilated Mum said...

Yikes, don't go to once-a-week posts! I promise to comment more! What would your loyal readers do without daily updates from ya?

(hugs) about G. It's hard to have tests and what-not done for a little guy, but it's better to find nothing than have this bad answer. If it's dairy, then it's so manageable ...