Wednesday, February 14, 2007

No news is, well, no news

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Nothing much to report on the schoolfront. Tuesday we went to our 4-H meeting and Cameron gave a report on the Community Service Committee which he and I chair. He did pretty good. I whispered what to say in his ear and he said it in the microphone. Remember how I practically had an anxiety attack over this report last month? Well this time, since I was the one behind the scenes not the one in the starring role, I was fine. I probably drew much more attention to myself this time, yet I didn't care in the least. Funny how the brain works sometimes. Later in the meeting, Cameron had to get up again and report as part of the new LEGO Engineering project. One of the other boys had a bit of stage fright so Cameron kept leaning over and whispering in his ear, just like I had done to him, lol. It was so precious. I hope he didn't scare the poor guy off public speaking forever though. After the meeting was adjourned, we did our community service project for the month. Everyone had brought in three dozen cookies to exchange and bag up for donation to the local food kitchen. We packed up about a million little packets of four cookies each and then stapled them shut with a little Happy Valentine's Day from Madrone 4-H tag. It was a bit chaotic, but it went well.

Wednesday we were surprised by a wonderful Valentine's Day present. DH took the day off work to be with the kids and let me have a little time to myself. First though, we had to take our cookie donation to the "soup" kitchen. Cameron and I took our giant bag of cookies in and presented it to the staff. I could see that they were genuinely touched to receive our offering. I guess most people don't think of the homeless when they want to do a charitable act. Most people would rather not think of the homeless at all. Anyway, it really felt good to see the kitchen, see the people who would serve our food, see how much they love their jobs. Originally, I thought it was a pretty silly act of charity, but I really saw its worth today. So many of those people have nothing to look forward to at all.

Next we went to Grammie's house and dropped off C&C. She wanted them to come over to make Valentines for DH and I. They had a really good time with her, which is a relief after Greyson had given her such a hard time during the tea party. Meanwhile, DH, Greyson, and I headed to the grocery store and then to our favorite drive through for a romantic lunch without the kids, lol. By the time we got home, Mom had already called and said they were done and ready to come home anytime. DH went and picked them up and then took them to park day so I could have my few minutes of quiet time. It was nice for him because he not only got to spend a relaxing day playing with the kids, he got to meet some of the names that he keeps hearing around the house. I wasted most of my time on the internet, lol.

So those were the highlights of the last two days. I think we are going to follow up those 5 days in a row of school last week with 5 days in a row of no schoolwork this week, lol. Oh, one more thing... I think DH and I had our first parent-teacher conference today. He asked how Cam was doing and what subjects he was working on and what we were going to do next year. It was a nice talk because there were no undertones of you're not pushing him hard enough or anything. He was just genuinely interested in what we were doing.


Meesh said...

It sounds like a great couple of days. I am really impressed with your 4H stuff. I think I'll have to look into our local chapter and see what it is like.

Pixilated Mum said...

I think that your visit to the soup kitchen was so sweet. It sounds like JUST the thing to do on Valentine's Day too. OK, so the Pixilateds now have more ideas on how to help the world be a better place. : ) Thanks for posting it.

Ooooh, a romantic LUNCH? How ... romantic. ;-) It sounds nice, a lunch (a dinner, a snack, ANYTHING) without the kids for a while. LOL

Your 4-H stuff sounds cool. Whenever I read your posts, I feel like getting involved in something. As you know, that's hard for me, but the baby steps are happening. I may actually get into more than one thing someday. hee, hee

I am so excited about your possible visit down here, by the way!!!!!!!

Pixilated Mum said...

No update yet???? Sigh. I'm so obsessive with some of my friends' blogs. LOL