Monday, February 12, 2007

Going to Errand's

Well, no chance of a solid 5 days of school this week! I just had too many errands to run. If my title confuses you, here was our conversation this morning:

Cameron: Where are we going today?
Me: Oh, lots of places. We have a lot of errands to run.
Cameron: Who's Errand?
Me: Errand's not a who. It just means things we have to do.
Cameron: Oh. (pause) Cassie!! Come on, we have to go to Errand's now!

So we spent most of the day running our errands, one of which was signing Cameron up for t-ball! I am so excited. I am more excited than he is, I think. From the tiniest baby, Cameron has just loved baseball. We have a picture of him at 16 months hitting a baseball off of a make-shift tee (it was an overturned Tupperware, I think) with a little wooden bat that Grandpa J had given him for Christmas. He was good. He's been hitting pitched balls since he was two. Unfortunately, I dropped the ball last year and didn't sign him up because our friends in the next town over told us that t-ball started at 5. But that was Little League t-ball and our town doesn't have that. We just have it through the Boys & Girls Club, which starts at age 4. Oh well. Cassia and Greyson can play at 4. Anyway, that starts in April. I hope I don't have to rearrange my schedule too much to accommodate it.

Cameron spent the rest of the day playing with his Zoob building thingies. They are so cool. You can really make some amazing things with them. I'm going to call that science today. It will also qualify as following directions and fine motor skills training. I just saw on their website that they're designing a teacher's resources page, so there ya go. Everyone thinks they're educational!

We did do some actual schoolwork yesterday. Cameron did another page on the "ai" pair as the long /a/ sound. He was being a fidgety goof almost the entire time, but he did really well on the reading part when he finally got around to it. For math, since there was no way *I* was sitting there a second longer ;), I just pulled out the flash cards and did a speed drill type thing on 0+0 (up to 0+12) through 4+5. Basically, the first/easy half of the deck. He did GREAT! I was amazed at how much better he did than the last time we tried it. That week of pyramid really paid off, I think. I'm going to have to look into some more math games because even though he is a diligent workbooker, he learns much more from the hands on.

Cassia did some math on Sunday too. DH worked with her in her Earlybird book and they did the page on 8's. Yep one page and then she said her arm was too tired to write anymore. Oh wait, no, that was after half of the first of two rows. DH made her finish out the row and then let her quit. LOL, he's such a pushover. ;)

And that's about it from here. Nothing too exciting, as usual.


Meesh said...

See you are better than I. Owen really really wants to play baseball (not t-ball, but he's willing to do it since that is all that is available- and I want him to play- but did I take him for sign ups on Sat? nope. Then I'd have to commit. I still have one more Saturday to do this. Maybe I will. Maybe.

G said...

I just noticed in the pic in your sidebar that your Cassia has the same pj's as mine!

We haven't decided yet about team sports this year. I do know that as soon as my tax return is here, C.O. is signing up for Aikido lessons through the city parks & rec. Dh & I will actually have to sit down sometime to discuss team sports.