Saturday, February 24, 2007

Death and Marriage

I was talking to a friend at the park the other day and mentioning how everything is about "dead" now. "I made him dead!" or "If you don't obey Darth Vader, he is going to make you dead!" Morbid, yes, but I'm sure it's just developmental. As I said, I was discussing this phenomenon with her and she said that her two, also 5-1/2 and almost 4, were similarly obsessed. Well, with that and marriage. Death and marriage, what a pair!

At dinner tonight, Cameron brings up marriage. He says he's going to marry Cassia's friend Cassia (because I won't let him marry his sister). We were talking about how old you have to be and I was clarifying that there is more to the ceremony than just "a kiss" and then Cassia's fork starts dancing around and saying it wants to marry Cameron's fork. His fork tells hers that they can't because she's old enough. She has to be 18 first. She says, "Oh yeah, then take that!" and her fork starts attacking his. Meanwhile, I'm still trying to explain how you pledge to love someone forever and then exchange rings and suddenly Cameron butts in with, "Don't worry, we're not going to get married. We're just going to fight!" and then they break out into a sword fight with their forks.

Death and marriage - what a pair!


G said...

C.O. still says he's going to marry your Cassia too, because I won't let him marry his sister either.

G said...
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hsmomof3 said...

Oh, my goodness!! Add us to the list of kids obsessed with this stuff! Is it an age thing? Where does it come from???