Friday, June 20, 2008

What a week!

Boy, was I right to call Summer Break for this week! There is no way we would have ever found time to do any school this week so it was nice to just be able not even worry about it.

DH and Cameron left to go do some fence building for Uncle D last Friday so Cassia, Greyson and I went to Favorite Park Day by ourselves. It was a good day and I was glad we went and was also glad to see how many kids commented on Cameron's absence. It's always good to be missed.

Saturday, the three of us went first to the local dance shop and bought Cassia her new leotard for the next class level and some new ballet slippers because I could barely squeeze her old ones on her little (big!) feet. Next we went to a birthday party and had a lovely time. They had a gymnastics course set up and a little bounce house and both of the kids had a great time. After sandwiches, cake, and foam purse decorating we headed off to the ballet dress rehearsal. I was hoping to stay and catch a glimpse but they kicked us all out and said come back in 2 hours. Hmph.

Sunday Cassia and Greyson painted a birdhouse house for their Daddy for Father's Day. They had a great time doing it and it is the brightest, most beautiful birdhouse any bird has ever seen. The boys made it back to us by dinnertime so we were able to celebrate the day a bit with presents and DH's favorite dinner.

Monday wasn't anything special except gymnastics. I remember wondering whether or not I shouldn't have have tried to do some schoolwork, but I had already told Cameron that there wouldn't be any. I had thought that MIL would be here and we would be busy either entertaining her or getting ready for her arrival but she ended up canceling at the last minute. It was fine though because that was the only day we would've had time so it was nice to just have a day to do whatever struck our fancy (which wasn't much, lol).

Tuesday I started the day with an OB appointment. Nothing exciting there, which is a good thing. Everything is measuring just fine and I found out that I passed the 3-hr glucose test with flying colors: no gestational diabetes for me! Phew! The rest of the afternoon was spent doing housework until it was time to get ready for The Big Ballet Show. OMG, I have never seen anything cuter. Seriously. If the little two-year-olds in their little tutus either standing there like deer in the headlights or dancing to their own tunes were not cute enough (and they were cute), imagine Cassia being a little Prima Ballerina on stage. Her class was the only one to perform onstage without their teacher and every one of them looked to my little Princess to lead them. She was more than happy to oblige, lol. It was so funny, the director of the ballet school got up first and gave this big speech about how they were so very young and it was the first time on stage for many of them so not to be surprised or disappointed if they froze or needed to be held by their teacher, lol. Um, not My Baby Girl. She looked as is she owned that stage. She told me before the show that she was disappointed that she had to go out with the whole class - she wanted to be up there alone performing for the masses. LOL. What a girl. We have video. Hopefully it will come off the camera and go onto the computer this weekend.

Wednesday we met our Favorite Park Day friends at a different local park to go hiking. It was really fun to interact with the same old people in a totally different environment. We spent all day there and came home tired and dirty. That always makes for a good day.

Thursday morning was the last ballet class of the spring session. Cassia and T4 were the only two girls who showed up - I guess everyone else forgot there was one last class after the show! The teacher was even nice enough to let us stand in the doorway and watch. Greyson is so enamored with ballerinas. He just loves to watch them dance. He was enthralled with the show too. He just sat and watched with huge eyes and clapped enthusiastically after every number. We hit the grocery store on the way home and then came home and spent the next hour or so perfecting my Cheddar-Apple Puff recipe for the Daily Cheese Contest at the fair. With cheesy hors d'ouerves in hand, we made our way to fair late in the afternoon and stayed there until after 8pm. The kids had a great time and my puffs won first prize in the adult category. I'm glad I decided to just take them on my own instead of trying to convince DH to go too. He hates stuff like that and spends the entire time stressed out and wanting to leave. It's much nicer when we can just go and enjoy ourselves without worrying about what a bad time he's having, lol. He was much happier that way too.

So that brings us to today, Friday. If it hadn't been Favorite Park Day, I would've just stayed home because I was worn out from all the special stuff all week and desperately behind on laundry, but I just can't miss Favorite Park Day. It was hot out there (in the 100s) but it was fun. Greyson, who had a less than ideal time at the fair because he just wasn't big enough to do the really fun stuff, especially enjoyed being back in his element - the sandbox.

Next week promises to be much less exciting. We have no plans this weekend - for the first time in I can't remember how long - and ballet is on break for two weeks. The Summer Solstice is on Saturday so that means that the Summer Quarter and our new school year will start on Monday. It will be a good thing to have a slow week to ring that in... if only we will be able to stay cool enough for things to be tolerable around the house. We might just have to have school in the pool, lol.

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G said...

I really hope you get that video uploaded - sounds too cute! Really glad your 3 hour test went well too. Are there any more Favorite Park days over the summer? I HATE my recent schedule on Fridays...

And I want your recipe, PLEASE. The Cheddar-Apple Puffs sound soooo yummy!