Thursday, June 12, 2008

I think we're on Summer Break.

We must be on summer break. Not only have we not done any bookwork all week, I haven't even suggested it. No, I take that back. I suggested it Tuesday morning and was told, maybe later, which turned into never. I didn't bother suggesting it yesterday or today because it is just too darn hot and I don't feel like it. So there. It's Summer Break. What solidified my decision was driving past the local elementary school today and seeing that the first day of school will be August 20th. First of all, that means they're on Summer Break now and secondly, wow, doesn't that seem quick? That's only two months away. This week has been busy anyway and next week is Cassia's ballet recital, her last ballet class until July, and the county fair. I doubt we'll be getting anything done. So two weeks of vacation is declared, after which our Summer Quarter will officially start. (Please ignore the fact that I never got around to updating anything in the Nuts & Bolts section about our Winter Quarter.)

Back to this week, Tuesday was the big 4-H end-of-year party at the super cool local pool with the water slide, mushroom shower, and dumping buckets. That was *so* fun. I just love that pool. Not only are there fun toys there but a good third of the pool - a completely separate section - is only about three feet deep and there are tons of lifeguards so I feel perfectly confident in letting my non-to-weak-swimmers swim and play. Cameron and Cassia both are great about trying to learn to swim without breaking any safety or comfort barriers. We just don't go to the pool enough (at least we hadn't before this year, lol) to justify swim lessons just yet, so I'm happy to let them figure it out on their own. Greyson was a little fish. He would scoot back and forth all along the stairs (about a 4-ft length) over and over, propelling himself with his hands and kicking his feet. He would sit on the second step and splash and play. He even sat on the third step once, completely submerging himself, and came up with a huge grin and laugh. The friends were great too. I got to talk to a couple moms that I don't usually get to spend time with and we even ran into a mom and daughter from Favorite Park Day. We agreed that we'd like to schedule a couple "park" meetings at the pool this summer too.

Wednesday we had no plans but it was just so stinkin' hot that we didn't do a darn thing. The weather is really wiping me out. My ankles are gone. My wrists are disappearing. I have less than zero energy. I've been catching up on episodes of California's Gold. Oh the kids did do something very educational Wednesday morning though. Cassia asked if she could play "the map game" (aka Seterra) and she and Cameron spent about two or three hours playing the different geography games on there. Cameron even got in some reading practice trying to read all the country, state, and capital names. :) They followed that up with a Zoboomafoo marathon. Geography - check. Reading - check. Science - check. Good enough for me (the question is will it be good enough for DH to not give me a hard time about taking yet another break?) We also made a cherry pie with cherries from our neighbor's tree. Too bad there isn't enough left to give him some. ;)

Thursday was pretty much the same without the educational game or cooking. We did go to ballet class. Greyson loved standing at the door and watching Cassia until the teacher had to shut the door. I loved it too. ;) We hit the grocery store on the way home and the rest of the day was just spent trying to keep cool. I wanted to set up the wading pool, but I just didn't have the energy. I'll have DH do it tomorrow.

I have my 3-hr glucose tolerance test tomorrow morning. Oh joy. Wish me luck. After that DH and Cameron are going off to BIL's house for the weekend to build a fence. I'm anticipating that they'll leave pretty soon after I get back and then Cassia and Greyson and I will probably go to Favorite Park Day. The rest of the weekend we should spend cleaning since MIL and possibly Great-AuntP and maybe even cousins M8 and H5 are coming to see Cassia's ballet recital on Tuesday. We'll see what we really end up doing. My guess is that it will involve tv and a wading pool - but not necessarily at the same time. ;)


naturalmom said...

LOL, that's how our summer break got under way as well -- we just kind of petered out around the end of May. Good luck on your glucose test!


G said...

Let us know how the glucose test went! Keeping my fingers crossed...