Friday, December 22, 2006

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Let me start off this post for Thursday with a recap of what happened Wednesday night.... The kids were watching The Wizard of Oz. DH wasn't home from work yet so we had eaten dinner at the coffee table while we watched. They were done eating, the movie was over, and the "Making of" documentary at the end of the video was playing. Cameron and Cassia were not very interested in that. They were interested in running through the dining room, jumping off the small step into our sunken living room, and seeing how far they could slide across the floor, lol. Greyson was sitting on my lap eating pieces of smooshed up carrot from my beef stew. I kept saying, be careful of that table! Someone's going to get hurt! Slow down! etc, etc. Do they listen?? (I bet you think you know where this story is going.) Suddenly - from the OTHER side of the house - I hear a huge thump. And then a scream. It was that scream that sounds different from your ordinary scream. You know the one.

So I dash into the dining room to see Cassia sitting on the floor looking quite shocked with blood running down her face. She had run full speed into the sliding glass door and split her forehead open. Not pretty. Not pretty at all. It was obvious she was going to need stitches, so I grabbed a washcloth, had her press it to her forehead, and piled everyone into the car. I called DH on my way out, to let him know where we were headed, and he said he was just a few blocks away so we waited. Now, the smart thing to do at this point, would've been for me and the boys to get out of the car and let DH take her alone, but we didn't. We all went.

Once there and checked in, we realized that it was late and really pointless for us ALL to be there so I called my mom and asked if she could babysit. Cameron really didn't want to leave. He had been so sweet, trying to take care of Cassie and telling her that it would be ok. When he found out that he wasn't going to get to stay with her, he just burst into tears. Not in a temper tantrum way, but in a heartbroken and devastated way. He had the sympathy of every person in the waiting room after that. I have to say that it's nice to have all eyes on you because your child is being so sweet. I took the boys home, tucked them into bed, drove back to the hospital, and found that Cassia had already been in and out and they were just waiting for me to get back.

Apparently, she was very, very brave and didn't move an inch when they told her to hold still. They showered her in stickers and little stuffed toys and the whole staff waved to her as we left. Such charmers I've raised, lol. Anyway, she got seven (!) stitches. We have to call the Urgent Care on Christmas Eve morning to make an appointment to have them removed.

And that was our excitement for the month, I hope.

Thursday was not nearly as interesting. ;) We went to a birthday party for one of our friends from the park. They decorated clove oranges, frosted their own cupcakes, played with LEGOs and Polly Pockets, and held Misty the Mouse (real mouse). The parents stood around and discussed standardized testing, the Solstice, Santa Claus, and hospital horror stories. We all had a nice time. Then we had to rush off to gymnastics after a quick trip through the drive-through. (Nothing like topping off 11am cupcakes and candy canes with a nice healthy cheeseburger, lol.) Nothing too exciting there except that I think I finally realized that Cameron will never be on the gymnastics team. He is such a klutz sometimes, lol. He is way more interested in finishing first (and pushing past anyone who might get in his way and slow him down) than in doing the skills correctly. I need to find a track team for him, I think.

OK, that's it for me for this morning. We're off to yet another birthday party today (Friday). It's good to have friends. :) But I do have the feeling that there will be no schoolwork done, yet again. I guess I should call this week Christmas Break. LOL.

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