Friday, December 22, 2006

Friday, December 22, 2006

We had an absolutely fabulous time today, celebrating with our favorite park friends. It was one little boy's 4th birthday (actually on Christmas Eve) and his parents brought a birthday cake (shaped like a Civil War cannon!!) and some snacks. Really nice time. Practically all of our favorite people showed up (with one notable exception, G!), so it was especially nice. Actually, you know what was really nice? BOTH of his parents were there. Usually it's just his dad, but today Mom came too. The party yesterday too, BOTH parents were there. On a weekday, in the middle of the morning or afternoon, BOTH parents think it is important enough to come to a 4th birthday party with a bunch of homeschoolers. How cool is that?

On the more mundane side, Cameron did 2 exercises in math (3 pages). The first two pages were reading the number word and matching it with the number, so I kind of counted that as reading too. Cassia wanted to do school as well, but we ran out of time. We brought her phonics book to the park with us because she said she wanted to do that instead of playing, lol. Needless to say, we never got to it.

I spent a lot of time at the park talking to a man who is going to think I am insane. We've been talking astrology (don't laugh) and it turns out that I've been feeding him incorrect information for weeks, lol. Mommy Brain and all. (Sorry Maria, but I DO have Mommy Brain. I have no other excuse for this mush of information in my head.) I finally realized on the way home today that the reason he thinks I am this huge paradox is because I was 3 hours off on my birth time. I was going on and on today about how guilty I felt that I couldn't remember Cassia's and Greyson's birth times, but then I realized (much too late) that I was giving him Cassia's for mine. D'oh! And this was after I corrected him today on the time too! I am such a mush head, lol. Oh well. If he doesn't appreciate it, then well, I guess he wasn't the friend I was looking for, right?

Ah, the freedom of being in secular blogger space. LOL, now you guys will know the freak I really am. ;)

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G said...

OMG, I *just* realized what day it is! I am such a dork! We've just been so busy getting ready for Christmas... I promise to be at the next park day in January.