Thursday, August 19, 2010

Another School Year, Another Attempt at the Blog

Just for Megan and Amy, I'm making some use of my iPhone in the dentist's waiting room. The kids are watching Ichabod Crane & Mister Toad and so, might possibly, allow me to finish a thought. I wouldn't put any money on that though. ;)

So despite my best efforts, the kids are growing up. Can you believe that when I started this blog Cameron was in Preschool/K-4? Well, now he's in 4th, Cassia in 2nd, and Greyson (the baby in my profile pic, lol) is in Pre-K/K-4. Before I know it, I'm going to have a house full of teenagers and THEN what am I going to do???

Since I apparently haven't blogged since March, I'll catch you up on the last year a bit... What did we do? We seemed to be so busy doing everything that we didn't have time to do anything. The kids each made it through, maybe, half a math level; we only made it through 2 or 3 lessons in Writing Stands; did almost no history or science. But we DID do book club, cooking, global art & crafts, sewing, and outdoor adventuring in 4-H; piano (Cassia) and violin (Cameron) lessons; American history via the old PBS cartoon Liberty's Kids; scouts; sports; many, many audio books; and a zillion field trips. It was a good year of unschooling. We learned a lot, but this year I'm feeling the need for more structure in our lives.

So to that, I've created a "schedule" for this school year. It's extraordinarily loose as far as schedules go, but it gives us some direction. Each day has 8-10am blocked off for schoolwork and 10- noon for cleaning the house. After that, the schedule varies according to our other activities and includes things like science projects (Cassia's request), cooking, history projects, and tea & poetry afternoons.

We've been on the schedule for four days now and it's been a partial success. We gotten math, writing, and reading done every day, but we never get started on it until 10. Cleaning is a bit of a hit and miss - no one ever wants to and I just don't feel like the fight most of the time - but I think that might improve with a little bit of consistency, hence the scheduled time.

Today is supposed to be our science project day but I have nothing planned. I think if they work quickly with their bookwork and actually help me clean once we get home from the dentist then we'll have time to do an experiment from one of the many kits we have before soccer practices. See the schedule is a good thing- I never would have thought of that as a plan for today if it wasn't already on the schedule.

Well, it looks like it's going to be my turn soon so I better bid you adieu. Happy New School Year!

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G said...

Well, since it's just for Megan and May I won't read it! ;)

Sounds like you actually had a good time unschooling more or less. I keep almost going that direction, but then I decide I need some sort of (loose) scheduling too.

G said...

Whoops, I meant Amy.

Jenny said...

Well Megan and Amy were complaining that I hadn't blogged since March. You probably don't mind as much when I don't since I actually TALK to you irl. ;)

And yes, unschooling was/is nice but I need to find a way to do it without abandoning all control. You know what I mean?? Just that 15 minutes of "You have to do math right now" really adds a lot to my entire control of the day, our house, decent attitudes, etc. And (probably more importantly, lol) it gets me out of the habit of just letting life happen around me.

G said...

Nope, I don't mind as much, and yes, I know exactly what you mean. Now if Fairy's math book would just get here..... grrrr....

Amy said...

Well, that is a mighty impressive post from an iphone! I am quite jealous of the flexibility you have but certainly a bit of structure is probably helpful. I could hear myself saying "but the schedule says it's Math time!" Like some magical authority (other than you!) creates and upholds the schedule! ;-)

Amy said...

P.S. It's been THREE weeks since you've blogged! Hint, hint!