Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mobile blogging? Woo hoo!

I finally did it. I finally got my blog connected to my iPhone! Now i just need to perfect thumb typing. ;). Now you can expect updates, with pictures even, while I'm waiting at gmnastics or ballet or violon or baseball... Oh the possibilities!! So let's see, when did I last blog? I'm pretty sure it was over a week ago so I'll just recap to there.

We started doing spelling again. A brilliant friend of mine shared a fun way to do the work. I made a tic tac toe board with different things on the boxes like "write each word three times," or "write each word in a sentence," or "write a poem with the words" - which happens to be exactly the same as writing them in sentences but is apparently more fun, lol. Anyway, they just get to pick any three things on a row for the week. It works great. The power of choice and variety is great.

Math has also taken on a bitvof variety- Cam is doing addition and subtraction with time and Cassia is doing money problems. They're both really close to finishing their books and moving up to levels 4 and 2.

We're plodding throuh history. Hopefully soon we will stop plodding and start enjoying again. We just got a new printer/scanner/copier so we can start doing the maps and coloring pages again. That always makes it more fun.

What else... did I mention that Cam has started fencing? He loves it. I don't neccesarily love the 6 - 7pm time slot, but what can you do. Little League practice just started this week too. And then there's still Cub Scouts. If I'm lucky, we'll only end up double booked a couple times a week and not every day like I'm fearing. How do you prioritize stuff like that? They're all important and require dedication and practice. I just wish everything didn't have to be "after school" hours.

OK, my thumbs are cramping. Must be time to wrap this up. Ciao friends.

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Megan said...

Brilliant, huh?
Here is what is on this week's grid:
-Write each word on two cards and play memory
-Take a practice spelling test, write any missed words 3 times
-Write words 3 times: once in best handwriting, once as small as you can and once in funny or fancy letters
-alphabetical order
-make and complete a word search using puzzlemaker.com
-practice words out loud
-write all words once using something other than a pencil
-use all words in just 5 sentences
-Write each word making the r-controlled vowel spelling pattern (eer, ear) red and the rest of the word blue.

Happy spelling!

Jenny said...

Brilliant, yes! Looks like the iPhone needs your spelling help too. I hate their spell check. I mean, seriously, how hard is it to figure out that a random b or v in the middle of two otherwise recognizable words is a missed space? And come on, it took "throuh"? I think it was prompting me for "through" after the u but then when I hit H next, it just figured that was right?? Ugh. Technology. ;)