Wednesday, August 13, 2008

So behind, so behind

I am so sorry to leave you all with nothing new to read for so long. I feel like such a hypocrite when I complain so much when other people (ahem MEESH) aren't updating often enough. But you haven't missed much anyway.

We haven't done much actual schoolwork since Cameron's birthday but we have been busy! We went camping at Pomo Canyon just off the coast. The campground was gorgeous and the company divine. We went with several of our Favorite Park Day friends because our favorite park was going to be closed in preparation for a big apple festival that weekend. We met there on Thursday afternoon and camped until Saturday morning. The kids had a great time exploring all the trees - they even named most of them! On Friday, everyone hiked the Pomo Canyon Trail from the campgrounds to the beach - 2.8 miles! It was a steep hike too! I was really proud of the kids for all making it. Greyson and I drove over to the beach though and served as the taxi back to the campground. I was a little sad at first to be bumped from the hike, but I knew it was the best choice and quickly realized that it would have been quite pathetic of me to even try, considering how winded I got just walking down the stairs from the parking lot to the beach, lol. It would have been especially so since I probably would have had to carry Greyson too. We definitely made the right choice and spent a lovely couple hours digging in the sand.

After we left the campgrounds Saturday morning, we all caravaned to a local beach on the Russian River. Ah, bliss. That felt like park day just in a new location, lol. On Sunday, we all coincidentally ended up at that apple festival so it was almost like another extension of the trip. All in all, it was a great extended weekend. I was glad to be back to the routine of the week though. Suddenly, our busy schedule seemed much more manageable. ;)

Monday we did mountains of dirty, dirty laundry from the trip. And then we went to gymnastics. They had Olympic week and all the kids did some sort of tribute to it. In Cameron's class they had a mini-Olympics of their own and the kids got to run a marathon around the gym, perform on the balance beams (earning a 10 if they didn't fall off and a 9 if they did, lol), and long jump into the foam pit. They had a ton of fun, you could tell. Cassia's class got to wave international flags, crawl through Olympic rings, and do some sort of relay involving roller boards - maybe they were pretending to swim? Then we went to soccer practice, drove through a burger place (shhh!), and then came home and watched real Olympics. I've been TiVo'ing it and spending WAYYYYYYYYYYY too much time watching.

Tuesday we started the day off with a doctor's appointment for me. Baby Blobby has turned around the right way!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!!! I'm very relieved. I was kind of curious about the challenge of delivering breach, but trust me, I'd really rather things just go smoothly. And honestly, I've been so exhausted lately that I'm wondering how I'm going to get through a normal labor. The rest of the day we didn't do much except do some grocery shopping, cleaning, watching the Olympics, and general do-nothingness.

Today, Wednesday, the kids played several board games. They just get in these moods sometimes where they'll want to play a whole bunch of them in a row. We did actually manage to get bookwork done too - shocker, I know - and did phonics (multi-syllabic words for Cameron, short-o words for Cassie), grammar/language (a picture study), math (word problems involving money for Cam and adding to 9 and 10 for Cassia), and history (stories about Roman Gladiators). Cameron really enjoyed the Gladiator stories. He kept telling me about the Time Warp Trio episode with the Gladiators and about the Playmobile Gladiator set and even mentioned the book Archimedes Takes a Bath when we were discussing the Roman Baths. Gotta love that.

We finished the day with soccer practice and Mexican take-out. Cameron really loves soccer and has really bonded with the coach's daughter. They were on the same side for their practice game and every time they'd make a goal they'd give each other a hug and then walk back to the other side arm in arm. So cute. When we were leaving she called goodbye to him and he called back, "Bye!! We really make a good team!"

Now, I've got to get to my Olympics before I get too far behind and run out of space on my DVR drive. Go USA!!


G said...

I've been addicted to the Olympics this week too.... especially gymnastics and synchronized diving. Good to hear that your little one has turned around - phew!

Meesh said...

I know I know. I will post soon. I really want to write about Bungee, and I just haven't been up to it. I am also waiting for a some family photos we had done 3 weeks before he died. I really need to get into some sort of posting groove. *sigh*

Oh and I am so hooked on the Olympics it is pathetic.

lynsgirl said...

Yeah for Blobby turning right side down!! ((HUGS)), because being very pg through the summer is just the pits sometimes. Dragging through every day, trying to keep up with *all* those other kids (cough cough said tongue in cheek, you know, right? hehehe). . .

I so admire that you are keeping on with school right now. I usually start in mid-July and we did, in fact, start on July 21, like I planned to. But July 21 was the only day we did. Between a screaming and clinging toddler and me feeling like a sick dog from (lovely first few weeks of being pg and all that), I decided that starting on Sept 1 would really be ok for us :P. I should be over my "hungover" and endless yucks and able to face a new school year. Sure, it leaves us with less time off during the year, but such is life, hey?

I was about to say, keep your chin up, but that is not encouraging. Keep your FEET up, pg HS mama and know that you're doing awesome. I can say this because I've been there (oh wait, I still *am* here. oops. forgot for a minute).



~Mary~ 4boys4me said...

wow - 23 days to go (according to your counter)! So happy Blobby did the turn around for you. Just what Mommy needed. Here's hoping that's an indication of future actions. ;)